Sisters with a common goal: Help kids with the College Application Process

We are sisters, business owners, and entrepreneurs who grew up in the Bay Area and have each been educators for 20 years. Having both worked our way through college (and the preceding college application process) without expert guidance or financial support, we have been motivated by one goal: support kids going through this nerve-wracking rite of passage so they can maximize their talents.

Kate has specialized in college admissions/essay coaching for the past 10 years, and has helped hundreds of college hopefuls get into their top choice schools. She is well-versed in the college admissions and funding processes, both professionally and personally: Accepted by every university to which she applied as an undergraduate, Katherine accepted a full scholarship from University of California, Berkeley, where she graduated with high honors in English as a Phi Beta Kappa Society member. She has worked as a professional editor and freelance writer, and loves the written word. More importantly, Katherine adores working with adolescents, balancing her warm and spirited approach with a no-nonsense practicality. She is fiercely committed to helping her students realize their passions. In her free time she enjoys science writing, photography, volunteering for various environmental organizations, and scuba diving as much as possible.

Nico has a long history of working in education. She launched a successful Spanish-language school and curriculum for adults here in the Bay Area, which she managed and directed for 6 years before deciding to join her sister, Katherine, in the college counseling business. Previously to this, Nico worked as a teacher, editor, project manager, and translator/interpreter for university, medical, private and government programs. Nico graduated with honors from the University of San Diego with a BA in Spanish and as a member of Sigma Delta Pi Honorary Society. Since then she has earned an Advanced Diploma in Spanish from the University of Salamanca, a Certificate in Medical Interpreting, and is certified by the University of Barcelona to teach Spanish as a foreign language. An avid traveler and language aficionado, she lived and taught for four years in Spain and Latin America, and has traveled extensively throughout Mexico, Africa, Central America, and Spain. Nico is a San Francisco native and enjoys yoga, ballet, and tennis.


To democratize access to higher education by providing a simple web application that provides strategic, detailed, and customized admissions guidance. We aim to fill a vacuum in the college planning process created by the two current options: paying a lot to get what you need, or paying nothing to get more confused. That is to say, either hire a private college counselor or scour the Internet for free information.


We are committed, involved co-founders (who could have used this product to get into college themselves!) with over ten years of college admissions knowledge provide professional, insider information on the current trends in admissions processes. We know the criteria that different colleges are looking for in an applicant, and how seemingly minute decisions impact admissions outcomes. For in-person guidance, we have seen hundreds of students, 99% of them, getting accepted to at least one of their top three colleges. Now, our affordable, flexible online program for juniors and seniors bolsters students’ options for college admissions.

Sisters with a common goal: Help kids with the College Application Process