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  • You have now applied to your best-fit colleges! We will let you know what to expect in the upcoming months, from communicating with college admissions offices to applying for financial aid. Once you've received your acceptance letters, we'll help you make your final college choice, too. Bon Voyage!
  • This is where the rubber meets the road. Get to work putting your plans into action with our thorough guidance on writing the admissions essays. Use the calendar agenda, letters, and forms we've automatically customized for you.
  • Make strategic decisions about where, when, and how you will apply to college. We have you covered with all the advice and resources you will need to create a best-fit college list, campus tour plans, and Early Decision/Action (ED/EA) choices-one easy step at a time. We'll also begin filling your calendar with clear action items that we'll email or text to you as alerts.
  • Enter basic information about yourself and shape your application theme. We will use those details to start creating the customized letters and forms you will need to give to recommenders and administrators throughout the college application process.
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